Not your run-of-the-mill speaker.

Bronkar is high-energy, engaging, and guaranteed to be different than any other speaker you've encountered. His message is all about what we are capable of doing when we start saying yes to opportunities.


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5 Reasons to SAY YES TO BRONKAR.


Refreshing : His perspective on learning is exhilarating; the musical component is unique; and his presentation is wildly empowering. 


Authentic : With personal stories that will catch your attention, Bronkar illuminates ideas and connects deeply with every crowd.


Musical : Bronkar uses live music to illustrate the concepts of communication, collaboration, innovation, and development.


Tools : Your audience will leave with valuable insights, actionable steps, and ideas for growth and improvement.


CustomiZABLE : Bronkar will personally discuss with you the ways he can tailor his message to address your group’s specific needs.

. . . Is there more?

Of course there is!

Breakout Sessions.

These workshops are designed to dive deeper into the most relevant topics for your group, giving individuals permission to uncover more personal opportunities for growth -- with worksheets, assessments, and a personalized action plan.

Audience Q&A.

Bronkar wants to know what's on your mind. Facilitating a question and answer session allows your audience to address the challenges that are most relevant to them and allows Bronkar to offer his expertise where they most need it.


You can choose to give each of your audience members something that will support them to continue their growth process long after the event ends. Bronkar has created a Guided Musical Visualization album specifically for groups like yours to facilitate more energy, confidence, and focus throughout the day for greater productivity and flow.

experiences shared with others make life complete.