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Connect. Engage. Inspire

Keynotes that build a culture of authentic contribution, deeper purpose, and off-the-charts engagement.

Ready for a keynote presentation that is refreshingly unique?

Bronkar is high-energy, engaging, and guaranteed to be different than any other speaker you've encountered. His music-infused experience full of dynamic storytelling and interactive elements will connect and inspire your audience like never before.

Keynote Speaker Reel: "One Song, Many Voices"

Keynote Speaker Reel: "One Song, Many Voices"

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“Bronkar was one of the highest rated speakers we have ever had. Our audience loved his energy and his ability to entertain while educate. We will be inviting him back!”

John R. DiJulius III

Chief Revolution Officer, The DiJulius Group


Bronkar helps audiences:

Build confidence in themselves to increase contribution and engagement

Develop tools for resilience and overcoming challenges


Renew their motivation for growth and development, turning inspiration to "action"


Connect as a team, with deeper investment in the greater purpose of the organization

Let's talk about how he can help you with YOUR specific needs.


5 Reasons to Work With Bronkar:


Refreshing : His perspective on mindset is exhilarating; the musical component is unique; and his presentation is wildly empowering. 


Authentic : With personal stories that will catch your attention, Bronkar illuminates ideas and connects deeply with every crowd.


Musical : Bronkar uses live music to illustrate the concepts of growth, positive thinking, gratitude, and communication.


Tools : Your audience will leave with valuable insights, actionable steps, and ideas for growth and improvement.


Customizable : Bronkar will personally discuss with you the ways he can tailor his message to address your group’s specific needs.

Presentation Topic:

One Song, Many Voices:

How to Leverage Unique Strengths and Skills to Amplify Your Contribution

Music is a powerful tool that has the ability to connect and inspire in a way that words alone cannot. And whether you know it or not, your organization is playing a “song.” It’s heard in the way you serve clients or customers, how well you align with your mission, and how you achieve goals. Your people are the very voices that comprise the song - each with a part to sing, a unique strength to contribute. If we don’t know how to value those diverse strengths and skills, they end up clashing, and the opportunity to create powerful harmony is missed. Through live music, dynamic storytelling, and impactful tools, you’ll come together as a whole - empowered by what makes you unique as individuals. And you’ll jumpstart an environment of connection, illuminating the undeniable potential within. 

Attendees will:

  • Learn to cultivate a mindset that fosters optimism and crushes obstacles 

  • Build connection with peers and co-workers, strengthening the ability for positive collaboration

  • Re-ignite their sense of ownership in their contribution to the organization