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Coaching Programs

Individual Coaching for Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners

Virtual group progams for Teams and Organizations

Unlock your greatest potential.


Put the focus on your wellbeing in order to increase resilience and deepen your impact.


Build a powerful support system with accountability that guarantees results.


Clear the limiting beliefs that hold you back from being your best self.


Gain tools to retune your internal instrument to show up for life in a positive way.

Undeniable Presence:
1-to-1 VIP Coaching Program for Leaders

Who is this for? Leaders, entrepreneurs, speakers who want to build confidence, create a greater impact on those they serve, avoid burnout, and grow their businesses 

Fill Your Toolbox:

Learn tools and techniques, rituals and routines that you’ll use over and over again to create impactful conversations and presentations

Find Accountability:

Be held accountable for your goals with a supportive and welcoming group of amazing like-minded peers

Reset Your Mindset:

Get inspired and energized by guided meditations and exercises that invite you to grow, shift your mindset, and find opportunities even in the challenges

Find Balance:

Learn practices that help you maintain well-being, reduce stress, and avoid burnout as you work towards your growth goals in a “holistic” way

Business People Applauding

Aliguma Young

CEO & Founder of The Super Fundraiser

Life-changing, but more importantly life-transforming - from mindset, intention, purpose, understanding, excitement and passion for each day. A whole new world, and I'm excited to be in it!

Aliguma Young

Gary Imm, DDS

Small Business Owner & Entrepreneur

A dynamic program that takes the noise and confusion of our lives, turns it inside out, upside down until it is right side up and right sized. It creates an outcome of control, happiness and clarity. It is the “north star” in a black hole of coaching choices.

Gary Imm

Tracey Owens Lowd

Intuitive Coach & Empowerment Catalyst

This program is truly for the "seeker" -- the person seeking something more than they are currently experiencing (even if they aren't sure what that is). Bronkar creates a "safe space" for people to learn and grow themselves in powerful ways.

Tracey Owens Lowd


Hey, I'm Bronkar.

I’ve got a lot of energy, and I love showing people how to harness their own for maximum benefit. I’m a big fan of Neil deGrasse Tyson, cold showers, and trail runs with my two little boys. I play 40+ instruments and learned most of them through a fully immersive learning process. 

The biggest lesson I’ve learned? Success takes the willingness to build powerful habits. It takes the desire to learn new skills. It means a lot of fails and the motivation to keep on keeping on, even when it’s hard. Most of all, it takes coaches, mentors, and a rockin’ support team.


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