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Virtual Team Meeting

Coaching Programs

Virtual group coaching for teams and organizations; Individual coaching for upper-level executives 

An experience that will transform your life.


Put the focus on your wellbeing in order to increase resilience and deepen your impact.


Build a powerful support system with accountability that guarantees results.


Clear the limiting beliefs that hold you back from being your best self.


Gain tools to retune your internal instrument to show up for life in a positive way.


Experience customized visualizations designed to help you work through your challenges.


Learn techniques for cultivating a deeper sense of gratitude.

Get excited about limitless possibilities.

Instruments of Influence

Leadership Program

Who is this for? Organizations looking to enhance the performance of their leadership teams and break up the monotony of boring meetings

​Benefits of the program:

  • Get your team to learn skills at an accelerated tempo

  • Build resilience in your team using scientifically supported, simple, and effective methods

  • Energize your team’s passion for learning to view challenges as opportunities to reach, stretch, and grow

  • ​Amplify health and wellbeing by creating better habits during the pandemic

This 12-week program includes:

  • One live virtual event per month to engage and empower your people (inspirational keynote plus assessments and exercises for individuals)​

  • One video per week to support and expand content covered in monthly event

  • Daily e-mail messages with inspiration, reminders, and accountability  
  • Instruments of Influence (facilitation of 2-3 meetings to empower an internal group of influencers to spread motivation)​

  • Optional Add-ons:

    • Bold Achievement Method book

    • Mindset Music package

    • Custom Musical Track

    • Customized Recorded Meditations

Velocity Coaching

Who is this for? Individuals interested in coaching in a small group; those in need of accountability, feedback, and new perspectives for reaching their goals and dealing with challenges

You know you have something special to offer the world. You have a desire to contribute your unique skills and talents to make a greater impact on those around you. But you feel stuck sometimes. Maybe you are trying to do it all alone and you need that ultra-valuable support and accountability that only a handpicked group of like-minded peers can provide. Or maybe you need guided structure and new systems to build more productive and more powerful habits in your routine.

In this 12-week small group coaching program, we’ll work together each week on the issues that keep you from moving forward. We’ll create solutions to the challenges you face, removing the roadblocks so that you can build momentum towards your purpose. You’ll be surrounded by other passionate, committed, and authentic humans so you’ll be fueled by creative ideas and constructive feedback on a regular basis. Through weekly group coaching calls, community support, and customized guided meditations/integrations, you’ll move far beyond what you imagined was possible.


Christian B., Velocity Grad

"Bronkar has brought high, positive energy into my life but has also helped me to detach from the outside world and focus on my internal being. Helping me to realize the spiritual aspect of being a human — through sound healing and watching him perform on stage and behind the scenes. That’s been the most valuable thing for me. I get a lot of motivation in regards to business, but he’s given me the motivation to find peace & happiness internally.”


Tricia M., Focus Client

“We just finished our individual sound/coaching session, and It felt like I was unwrapping a very special gift that was picked out just for me. That’s how it felt. It felt very honoring and supportive, and it was done with such grace and ease. Something that I’ve never experienced before. I’m looking forward to listening back to the audio again to help me relax but also to support what my goals are, to be able to use it when I need it, kind of as a soundtrack to support where I’m going.”

Focus Coaching

Who is this for? Individuals in upper-level positions interested in one-to-one personalized coaching; those serious about amplifying their impact and expanding possibilities in work and life

You are likely an entrepreneur or you hold a high-level position in your organization. You know your purpose, you’ve built skills and accumulated experience. And you’re ready to take it to the next level. It might be that you are a master at leading others, and it’s time to look inward in order to master “yourself.” 

This highly customized individual coaching program will unlock your potential by focusing the lens on your own personal needs. Boost your confidence, fine-tune your mental and physical wellbeing style, and shift your mindset in order to deepen your impact on the world around you. You’ll work with Bronkar one-to-one on the challenges you face and the issues that matter most to you. Through monthly coaching calls, weekly accountability messages, and custom guided meditations/integrations, you’ll expand and transform into the next amazing level of your journey.


Hey, I'm Bronkar.

I’ve got a lot of energy, and I love showing people how to harness their own for maximum benefit. I’m a big fan of Neil deGrasse Tyson, cold showers, and trail runs with my two little boys. I play 40+ instruments and learned most of them through a fully immersive learning process. 

The biggest lesson I’ve learned? Success takes the willingness to build powerful habits. It takes the desire to learn new skills. It means a lot of fails and the motivation to keep on keeping on, even when it’s hard. Most of all, it takes coaches, mentors, and a rockin’ support team.


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