Life Happens

in the Detours.

My name is Bronkar.

I've never lived my life in a straight line.

I was a school kid with ADHD...

who became a teenager with weight issues...

who became a street performer...

who became a self-expression workshop teacher for kids...

who became a circus ringmaster...

who became a personal trainer...

who became a one-man-show entertainer...

who (accidentally) became a viral video star...

who became an entrepreneur and speaker.

That school kid never would have imagined he'd speak in front of audiences about creativity, innovation, and growth. Nor would he have ended up here if he hadn't taken all those detours.


I said YES to a lot of opportunities. Some of my yeses were mistakes. Some ended in failure. And some didn’t. But with each yes, I’ve had to stretch and grow and embrace CREATIVE thinking. In this way, frustrating problems become intriguing challenges.

And this is the message I aim to share with every audience. Innovation and creativity are accessible to EVERYONE. Small ideas can make big impacts. It shouldn’t be intimidating or impossible. In fact, I believe that all the tools we need to be innovative on a daily basis are already in our possession. And that’s exhilarating.


Once we understand that we can live in this place of power all the time, there is no end to what we can accomplish.

How does music fit into it all?


Not only is music the perfect example of innovation and creativity, but it's the elemental thread that brings us together. Our conversations, interactions, movements and basic functioning are all based around tempo, dynamics, rhythms, and patterns — i.e. MUSIC. It’s the core of our human existence and the key to understanding ourselves and our lives in an infinitely deeper way.


I’m fascinated by the effects music and sound can have on our physiology, the power it has to change our attitudes, and the potential it has to connect humans in positive ways. Which is why I’ve been incorporating it into live performances and presentations for over 20 years, using it to demonstrate techniques for improving communication, collaboration, and creativity.


It’s our experiences that make us unique.


All of the skills we’ve acquired and how we use them and leverage them — that’s what defines us. It’s something called Recombinant Innovation, and we’re all capable of putting this into practice — in fact, you probably already do.


By becoming aware of this fact, we can embrace change, failures, those experiences that come at us out of left field (the DETOURS) and use it all to our advantage to grow into the best possible version of ourselves.

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