Life Happens in the Detours


Deliver an uplifting, entertaining, and educational experience for your next virtual event! My team and I have been working diligently to create an impactful experience for the online platform. Our mission is to help your team maintain a strong connection, stay enthusiastic, and feel a sense of unity no matter where they are in the world.


In this keynote concert experience, we focus on how to embrace change, be inspired by disruption, and effortlessly improvise with the jazz of life. 


This presentation is not another boring Zoom meeting. I make it interactive, fun, and exciting for all attendees. Pulling from my skills as an entertainer with over 5,000 live shows under my belt at conferences, comedy clubs, and cruise ships, I’ve cooked up a magic recipe with one part entertainment, one part audience interaction, one part storytelling and one part legitimate content that your people can integrate into their lives immediately.


Through the power of music, I’ll elevate the energy with drums, saxophone, bass, beatboxing, and singing. Using cutting-edge technology, I will compose intricate musical pieces customized for your company. I will literally write a theme song for your event!


We will also explore a more introspective mood by calming the mind and combating anxiety and stress with the soothing sounds of flutes, Metallic Echo Drums, and guided visualizations.


Help amplify your team’s health and happiness through the power of music with this one of a kind keynote concert experience. They will leave feeling energized, inspired and optimistic for work and life. 



  • Embrace the mindset of a lifelong learner.

  • View challenges as opportunities to reach, stretch, and grow.

  • Silence the critical voices inside their heads.

  • Keep their bodies and minds in tune for peak performance.

  • Be more creative and innovative with the skills they already have.​


Bring something unique to your next virtual meeting. Shake things up with some fresh energy and a new perspective on the virtual platform. 


We’re all adapting to new ways of communicating and working together through technology. Take this opportunity to unify your team together with the power of music, laughter, and meditation. And don’t worry, we do this in a very fun and accessible way! We will not be burning incense and sitting cross-legged singing Kumbaya -- unless you want to, of course. 

I will share powerful tools that I’ve been using for 20 years and have helped thousands of people with.  After this session, your people will feel rejuvenated, focused, and inspired to move forward In times of change, uncertainty, and disruption.



  • Learn simple breathing techniques to calm nerves and lower stress levels.

  • Learn mini-meditations to help realign the mind when focus is fading.

  • Learn tools to maintain a mindset of opportunity and possibility amongst times of change and uncertainty.

  • Experience a powerful musical visualization technique that is customized for you.


In order to best serve your people and create the most impactful experience, we will have a pre-event call to discuss some of the challenges you’re experiencing as a team. I will incorporate that information into the content I deliver as well as the music I perform during the session.


"Bronkar was the hit of our online summit event! His unique combination of storytelling, music, and content was the perfect blend to keep our audience of over 700 registered attendees energized and engaged. He was so well received we brought him back the next day to close out the entire conference with a 2nd presentation."

Jon Peters

Founder/CEO, Executive Producer

Athena Studios





Add on a lifetime subscription to Brain Beats Music for each member of your team.

Brain Beats Music offers over 120 tracks of Instrumental music and guided meditations. Blending HandPans, Flutes, Drums, Nature and the Human Voice together to deliver an experience that helps you maintain peace of mind and a calm state. 

A powerful tool to combat stress, anxiety & overwhelm. Perfect for yoga, house cleaning, exercising or playing in the background when you need to focus. Relax your mind, elevate your emotional state and boost your energy to a high vibration.


More info:


I'm a keynote speaker, musical performer, and mindset coach. I've got a pretty bizarre background filled with lots of random adventures. I've toured Europe as a circus ringmaster, been a guest performer on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, been featured in a Super Bowl commercial, and had an accidental viral video that got over 200 million views. 

My mission is to inspire and empower as many people as possible through live events, keynote experiences, musical concerts, and virtual sessions. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you!

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In 2017 we booked Bronkar Lee for more than 30 conferences totaling nearly 10,000 government officials around the country. We were beyond impressed with Bronkar’s skills, style and energy. He was a huge hit and his message resonated deeply. Bronkar is a complete professional in every way and I recommend him without hesitation for any event in which you want your attendees to be motivated, impressed, educated and entertained!

Jack Mortimer

Vice President - Events

We had the honor of having Bronkar as the headlining keynote speaker at our Heroic Public Speaking conference at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia this year. As someone who teaches keynote speakers how to speak I have seen thousands of high-level presentations and Bronkar stands out as one of my favorites. He brought the perfect blend of content, entertainment and audience interaction to our conference. Our people left feeling inspired and motivated to take action in their own jobs and  lives.

Michael Port

Co-Founder of Heroic Public Speaking

NYT, WSJ best-selling author of Steal the Show

We had Bronkar kick off our general session and his keynote could not have been more on point. With an audience of largely Millennials, it is always very challenging to find the right speaker who can engage, educate and entertain. Bronkar was able to not only connect with our Millennial audience -- but also our Senior Leaders. He was easy to work with on and off stage. The experience he created really set the tone for a day of transformational learning and growth for our people.

Priscila Mattingly

Chief People Officer

We have been fortunate to bring in some really big speakers, and Bronkar was one of the highest rated we have ever had. Our audience loved his energy and his ability to entertain while educate. We will be inviting him back!

John R. DiJulius III

Chief Revolution Officer