Bring something unique to your next virtual meeting. Shake things up with some fresh energy and a new perspective on the virtual platform. 


We’re all adapting to new ways of communicating and working together through technology. Take this opportunity to unify your team together with the power of music, laughter, and meditation. And don’t worry, we do this in a very fun and accessible way! We will not be burning incense and sitting cross-legged singing Kumbaya -- unless you want to, of course. 

I will share powerful tools that I’ve been using for 20 years and have helped thousands of people with.  After this session, your people will feel rejuvenated, focused, and inspired to move forward In times of change, uncertainty, and disruption.



  • Learn simple breathing techniques to calm nerves and lower stress levels.

  • Learn mini-meditations to help realign the mind when focus is fading.

  • Learn tools to maintain a mindset of opportunity and possibility amongst times of change and uncertainty.

  • Experience a powerful musical visualization technique that is customized for you.


In order to best serve your people and create the most impactful experience, we will have a pre-event call to discuss some of the challenges you’re experiencing as a team. I will incorporate that information into the content I deliver as well as the music I perform during the session.







Add on a lifetime subscription to Brain Beats Music for each member of your team.

Brain Beats Music offers over 120 tracks of Instrumental music and guided meditations. Blending HandPans, Flutes, Drums, Nature and the Human Voice together to deliver an experience that helps you maintain peace of mind and a calm state. 

A powerful tool to combat stress, anxiety & overwhelm. Perfect for yoga, house cleaning, exercising or playing in the background when you need to focus. Relax your mind, elevate your emotional state and boost your energy to a high vibration.


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Amplify your health and happiness through the power of music.


In these sessions, we focus on your goals and what is holding you back from achieving them. We’ll work through the energy of overcoming your challenges and manifesting what you want more of in your life. We then take that information and incorporate it into a powerful musical visualization technique that’s customized specifically for you. 

Every session moves energy, thoughts and emotions through dialog & music. The power of music provides a container for us to do the work of clearing unwanted energy and thoughts so we can then fill your mind and body with more of what creates happiness, joy and fulfillment for you. These sessions are powerful and should be done in a space free from distractions to maximize their potency.

Hagen Harker

President of Mid-States Concrete Industries

The energy with which you live your life and share with others is so strong that it's easy to be inspired by. Such a positive emotion is evoked, and I am reminded of how to value the things in life that are most important. Thanks for giving so much of your energy. There is truly a healing power there that so many people, including myself, can benefit from time and again.


Technology Consultant 

Bronkar has brought high, positive energy into my life but has also helped me to detach from the outside world and focus on my internal being. Helping me to realize the spiritual aspect of being a human -- through sound healing and watching him perform on stage and behind the scenes. That's been the most valuable thing for me. I get a lot of motivation in regards to business, but he's given me the motivation to find peace & happiness internally.

Tricia Molloy

Speaker, Coach, Author

We just finished our individual sound/coaching session, and It felt like I was unwrapping a very special gift that was picked out just for me. That’s how it felt. It felt very honoring and supportive, and it was done with such grace and ease. Something that I’ve never experienced before. I’m looking forward to listening back to the audio again to help me relax but also to support what my goals are, to be able to use it when I need it, kind of as a soundtrack to support where I’m going. 


Investment Analyst

Bronkar and I had a coaching session last week, addressing some of the goals and issues I’ve been having around confidence. He led me in a meditation, improvising all of the music based on our conversation. And that was really cool. He put me in a meditative state, relaxing all the tension in my body, and he mentioned three statements during the meditation that are still sticking with me today. And now every time I’m in a situation where my confidence is compromised, I remember those three statements, and it helps a lot.


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