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Virtual Experiences


Customized virtual presentations, team meetings, and conference openers that engage and entertain in a refreshingly unique way.

Make your next virtual meeting uplifting and inspiring.

"Bronkar was the hit of our online summit event! His unique combination of storytelling, music, and content was the perfect blend to keep our audience of over 700 registered attendees energized and engaged."

Jon Peters

Founder/CEO, Executive Producer

Athena Studios


Bronkar helps teams:

Stay connected as a group in a virtual setting

Renew their motivation for growth and development

Place focus on their wellbeing so they can show up as a valuable member of their organization

Improve morale, reignite excitement, and build confidence for dealing with challenges at work

Let's talk about how he can help you with YOUR specific needs.

Imagine your Virtual Experience being:





AND Entertaining!

We can make that happen. Get in touch today to find out how.


Hear what this CEO says about Bronkar:



Energize Your Passion for Learning

Get your team inspired and motivated to learn, grow, and improve their skillsets. Learn about why failure is essential and gain tools for reframing challenges into powerful catalysts for momentum. This engaging presentation includes live music, rich storytelling, and impactful takeaways.

Amplify Your Health, Joy, & Power 

In this age of uncertainty and disconnection from each other, it's more important than ever to place the focus on our physical and emotional wellbeing. Learn how to prioritize self-care and health in order to create more powerful contributions to your team. This unique presentation incorporates guided musical visualizations to lower stress and build confidence.

Empowerment & Exhilaration Through Music

A high-energy, high-impact meeting or conference opener, this session is designed to get your virtual audience eager and enthusiastic for what the day ahead holds. Without an "in person" setting, it's crucial to set the right tone for your virtual attendees in alternate ways. Music (along with a personable facilitator--like Bronkar) can achieve that goal! The session includes live music (from a wide variety of instruments) with just the right amount of "talk" to get them receptive and ready for the amazing information you have for them for the rest of the day.


Upgrade your Experience:

Bronkar offers ongoing group coaching programs for teams as well as subscriptions to his Mindset Music app.

Group coaching for teams helps participants build resilience, create personal accountability, and gain tools to work through challenges.

Mindset Music Music offers over 120 tracks of Instrumental music and guided meditations. Blending HandPans, Flutes, Drums, Nature and the Human Voice together as a powerful tool to combat stress, anxiety & overwhelm. Relax your mind, elevate your emotional state and boost your energy for maximum focus.


In 2017 we booked Bronkar Lee for more than 30 conferences totaling nearly 10,000 government officials around the country. We were beyond impressed with Bronkar’s skills, style and energy. He was a huge hit and his message resonated deeply. Bronkar is a complete professional in every way and I recommend him without hesitation for any event in which you want your attendees to be motivated, impressed, educated and entertained!


Jack Mortimer

Vice President - Events


We had the honor of having Bronkar as the headlining keynote speaker at our Heroic Public Speaking conference at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia this year. As someone who teaches keynote speakers how to speak I have seen thousands of high-level presentations and Bronkar stands out as one of my favorites. He brought the perfect blend of content, entertainment and audience interaction to our conference. Our people left feeling inspired and motivated to take action in their own jobs and  lives.


Michael Port

Co-Founder of Heroic Public Speaking

NYT, WSJ best-selling author of Steal the Show


We had Bronkar kick off our general session and his keynote could not have been more on point. With an audience of largely Millennials, it is always very challenging to find the right speaker who can engage, educate and entertain. Bronkar was able to not only connect with our Millennial audience -- but also our Senior Leaders. He was easy to work with on and off stage. The experience he created really set the tone for a day of transformational learning and growth for our people.


Priscila Mattingly

Chief People Officer


We have been fortunate to bring in some really big speakers, and Bronkar was one of the highest rated we have ever had. Our audience loved his energy and his ability to entertain while educate. We will be inviting him back!


John R. DiJulius III

Chief Revolution Officer

Conference Crowd

Talk to Bronkar about creating a uniquely engaging virtual experience for your event.

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