• Bronkar Lee

The ONE Daily Habit that Most Affects Productivity

Here’s what works for me. At the end of every day, I take a few minutes to reflect on the day behind me and to prepare for the day ahead. I look at my list of what needs to be done, and I schedule it into chunks of time for the following day. I generally have a morning session, a block of time where I schedule brainy tasks, anything cognitive like answering emails or writing or creating content. Then I have an afternoon session, where I generally schedule physical tasks, exercise or training my skills. Then I usually leave the evening session for relaxation and unwinding.

This requires identifying what your peak times are. If you are most alert and focused in the mornings, like I am, then schedule the tasks for which you need the most brainpower during those times. I know other people who are night owls, getting into their strongest mental modes at night, and so they choose to focus that time on the cognitive stuff. I use my afternoons for physical activities because that’s when I would otherwise hit a slump. If I tried to do brainy stuff then, I would fail miserably. Figure out your own patterns and routines, and schedule your tasks accordingly. You’ll be much more productive if you can follow your body’s natural rhythms.