• Bronkar Lee

Are you taking advantage of the cycle of Creative Surges that happen in your life?

I’ve always felt that life is a series of ebbs and flows, but Cyndi and I had a new realization on a 2-hour drive back from the North Georgia mountains on Monday.

Creativity also seems to ebb and flow. Cyndi said something that stuck with me — that we are in a “Creative Surge” right now. It’s good because all of these ideas are swirling around in our minds and there is so much possibility in front of us. We also have to be aware that we can’t necessarily say YES to all of these possibilities. If we do, then when the surge is over, we hit a creative burnout. Also known as just BURNOUT. (I’ve been there many times, and it’s not pretty.)

When so many possible projects are popping up all around you, and you’re excited by all of them, how do you decide what to focus on? If we take on too many things, nothing will have our full attention, and nothing will get all of the energy it really deserves. Therefore the follow-through on all the great ideas ends up being more of a trickle than a surge.

A few days before this realization, we created something else that actually helps this problem. (It’s like our past selves knew that in the near future we were going to need this!) We sketched out a straight horizontal line and called this is our “Focused Energy Stream.” Along that line, we have words that are associated with the *feeling* we want to create this year and the things that are important to us. We put: “Music / Sound / Inspiration / Joy / Connection”. Coming out from this line, like branches of a tree, are all the projects we’re currently working on or are interested in working on, and if they don’t fit our theme, they don’t belong. There’s also a limited amount of slots, so we have to choose priorities. We may be able to get to ALL the projects, just not all at the same time.

It’s also reassuring to know how to take advantage of those times we are *not* in the Creative Surge. Instead of feeling lost and uninspired, knowing to use that time wisely to either recover or put our focus on other things.

Have you experienced this ebb and flow? How do you manage Creative Surges without ending up in burnout? And how do you best make use of “non-Surge” times? We’d love to hear your responses. Use the social media links below to pop on over to Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram and share your experience. (Or reply to our email - we read the responses!)

I have a feeling this is a topic we’ll come back to again! ;)

Creatively yours,

Bronkar and Cyndi