• Bronkar Lee

Are You Paying Attention to the Details?

Last night at 11pm, I was woken by the voice from our talking kitchen smoke alarm: “Heads up: the battery needs replacing.” This was followed by an insanely loud chirp going off every 60 seconds. I could hear it from the other side of the house, through 3 closed doors, so I quickly realized there would be no ignoring it until morning.

I got up, stood on a chair half asleep (I don’t recommend this), and took the alarm from the ceiling only to find out that the batteries it needed, we did not have. So I left it on the counter to deal with it today and went back to bed.

This morning, our 3-year-old, Elijah, walked in the kitchen, and the first thing he did was look straight up at the ceiling and ask, “Where is the smoke alarm?”

My mind is blown by the details he notices.

In fact, a few weeks ago, the same thing happened when I changed out my toothbrush from a blue one to a purple one. As we brushed our teeth alongside each other, he said to me, “Mommy, you got a new toothbrush! The blue one is gone, and now you have a purple one!”

This has me thinking hard about the details that I pay attention to. And how much of an impact can it have if we pay attention to the details within our daily interactions with others — with the grocery store clerk, our child’s teacher, our clients, our friends and even details of ourselves?

We had a client once who gave us the most thoughtfully personalized gifts — one of which was a framed photo of our new son with his name and the details of his birth (weight, birth time, etc.) printed on the frame. It was just after his birth. They paid attention to the details of US, and we’ll never forget their kindness.

What kind of opportunities for connection can you create from the small details of the people in your life?