Charming, Engaging, and extremely entertaining. - Howard Patterson, Flying Karamazov Brothers
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Wonderfully creative, rhythmically sophisticated, yet groovy and accessible - not to mention charming, engaging, and extremely entertaining. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next.
-Howard Patterson, Flying Karamazov Brothers

Bronkar is a full fledged star! I stood in the wings and listened to the audience scream, laugh and fall in love with him.
-Jeff Raz, Cirque du Soleil

Our crowd loved Bronkar. He killed it out there!
-Jay Leno, The Tonight Show

WOW! You got it man!

Unlike anything I've seen in 15 years of producing shows. He had 700+ audience members right in the palm of his hand. Innovative and unique! Undoubtedly one of the finest performers to grace our stage.
-Jim Maxwell, Director Austin Jugglefest

With his masterful skills as a performer he is able to engage the audience with interactive theatrics like no other performer I've seen. Circus of Sound should be shared with audiences far and wide.
-Janet Koike, Director Rhythmix Cultural Works

That was an amazing act.
-William Shatner

Just what the world needs...
-Seattle Times

A juggler, a beatboxer and a very good looking young man.
-Sharon Osborne, America's Got Talent

Our 5,000 employees were full of laughter and enthusiasm after seeing the show!
-Carmen Feuz, ABB Switzerland

This guy rocked the house! He had the entire audience of kids and adults screaming for more.
-Mark S. Allen, Good Day Sacramento

Bronkar stepped out in front of our audience of 4,000 and kicked butt! His skills are impeccable.
-Tom Noddy, Oregon Country Fair

An electric performer with infectious energy!
-Disney Cruise Lines

What an incredible act!
-Don Francisco, Univision

Absolutely mesmerizing!
-Pay Chen, Winnipeg TV